Viscometer Cannon-Fenske opaque reverse flow size 600

£138.80 (exc VAT) Each

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Glass Capillary Viscometers

Size 600 Nominal constant 20.0 Viscosity range (mm2s-1,cSt) 4,000 to 20,000

PSL viscometers are constructed from low expansion borosilicate glass and the

precision bore tubing used for the capillary section is held to a close tolerance of ±0.01mm.

Calibration is carried out in the PSL Calibration Laboratory which has shown that it meets the

requirements of ISO 17025, by independent UKAS accreditation. The PSL Calibration Laboratory

maintains its own primary viscosity scale, based upon the internationally agreed value of distilled

water at 20°C of 1.0034mm2/s. Each calibration performed is one step away from this primary

scale, producing very low uncertainties of measurement.                                

Cannon-Fenske Opaque (Reverse Flow) Viscometers, with UKAS certificate.

ISO 3104, ISO 3105, ASTM D 445, ASTM D 446, ASTM D 2170, BS 188

Suitable for measuring transparent and opaque liquids, nominal overall length 295mm, approximate

sample size 12ml. Calibration data at 40°C with the constant, C, stated at 40°C and 100°C.