Micro-centrifuge tube, safety-cap 1.5ml

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Microcentrifuge tube with safety cap, capacity 1.5ml

• Autoclavable with open cap at 121°C for 20 minutes

• Centrifugable up to 30000g

• Rnase, Dnase, DNA and pyrogen free

• High chemical resistance

• Graduated

• No risk of accidental opening during incubation

• Produced in a controlled clean room

Centrifuge tube guidelines:

·         The maximum RCF values quoted are based on use in appropriate balanced centrifuge rotors.

·         Environmental conditions and some reagents may affect the performance of vessels.

·         Care should always be taken when using vessels near their maximum limits.

·         For correct performance all centrifuge vessels must be filled to 80% of their capacity unless otherwise stated.

·         When autoclaving always ensure caps are loosened or removed to prevent accidental implosion.

·         Always examine centrifuge vessels before use