100 litre self-pressurized cryostorage vessel

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Self-pressurized Series for LN2 Storage and Supply
Liquid Nitrogen Supplement Series for LN2 Storage and Supply incorporates the latest innovation, its unique design utilises the pressure generated from the vapourisation of a small amount liquid nitrogen to discharge LN2 into other containers. Storage capacities range from 5 to 500 litres.
– All models are equipped with safety valves
– Rotary ring construction
– All welded stainless steel construction
– Labeled valves for easy identification
– 5 year vacuum warranty

Product parameters:
– Volume of LN2(L): 100
– Static Evaporation*(L/day): 1.3
– LN2 output(L/Min): 4
– Height(MM): 1185
– Outside Diameter(MM): 606
– Empty Weight(KG): 75