Filter unit pk12 sterile 1000ml 0.2µm

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Filter units, sterile, cellulose nitrate membrane, screw closure In polystyrene housing with polystyrene receiver connected by 1-1/2 turn screw closure. All sizes have a side-arm with a cellulosic vent plug and quick-disconnect tubing adapter. All membranes are white, the 0.45μm pore products have a green grid and the 0.8μm have a black grid, colour coded green, supplied in cases of 12.

Pore size: 0.2µm


Unit capacity: 500ml

Receiver capacity: 1000ml

Membrane diameter: 75mm

Grid colour: Plain (no grid)

Nalgene pre sterilised disposable filter units and bottle top filters are colour coded for ease of identification. Each product has the lot number, catalogue number, membrane type, pore size and expiry date printed on it. Every lot is Nalgene certified with each case containing documentation that the product is sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic and has passed strict performance integrity tests.


Cellulose nitrate membranes, colour coded green, are recommended for general filtering of buffers and solutions.


Nylon membranes, colour coded red, are for special applications. No wetting agents, the lowest in extractables and excellent alcohol resistance.


Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes, colour coded blue, have low protein binding, low extractables, no external wetting agents, and fast flow. This range is recommended for tissue culture media filtration.


Surfactant free cellulose acetate (SFCA) membranes, colour coded yellow, are a universal tissue culture membrane. Much cleaner than standard cellulose acetate. They feature fast flow, low protein binding and no wetting agent.