Block heater Stuart, 3 place 200°c, without blocks

£873.26 (exc VAT) Each

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Block heater, 3 block, digital, SBH200D/3, designed for the precise heating of test-tubes, micro centrifuge tubes, cuvettes and microtitre plates.

The bright, easy to read LED display facilitates very easy setting of the required temperature and also accurate monitoring of the actual temperature. Excellent temperature stability and uniformity is maintained via sensitive electronic controls. Temperature range ambient +8ºC to 200ºC, heats to 100°C in less than 12 minutes.

Supplied without blocks

  • Two block models available
  • Digital setting and display
  • Uniform and stable temperatures.


Technical Specifications



Max. Temp


Number of blocks


Temp. stability at 37°C


Uniformity within block


Display resolution 


Dimensions mm(w x l x h)

310 x 280×115

Net weight(without blocks)


Heater power


Electrical supply

230V 50Hz