Sample concentrator, standard techne

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Sample concentrator FSC400D

Designed to be used with Techne’s 3 block Dri-Blocks® BH/65508 or BH/65512 the sample concentrator accelerates the concentration of large numbers of samples achieving in minutes what would traditionally take several hours. As the samples are heated gas is passed via the unique patented gas chamber through hypodermic needles on to the surface of the test solution. This technique is particularly useful in the preparation of samples for analytical techniques including drug screening, hormone assay, chromatographic analysis and scintillation counting.

The Sample Concentrators consist of a fully adjustable gas reservoir which mounts over a Dri-Block® heater with a temperature range of 25°C-200°C -the samples can then be heated to the required temperature to assist evaporation.

The gas chamber is suitable for use with most gases and may be adjusted to suit the level of liquid in the sample tubes which should not exceed 2psi 

Block heaters, aluminium insert blocks and needles are not included with the sample concentrator and must be ordered separately. 

The standard needles are 127mm long and set in a silicone rubber matrix enabling their position to be changed to accommodate different tube configurations. PTFE coated needles are available for corrosive solutions.

Suitable needles are BH/65526 or for corrosive samples, PTFE coated needles BH/65530

Suitable blocks are BH/65542 to BH/65556 or BH/65560 to BH/65568. Ideally, all 3 positions on the block heater should be used to avoid damage to the sample tubes and to prevent heat loss. It is advisable to fill any blank positions with plain block BH/65540