Desiccator/humidity cabinet mark iii

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The Mark III Desiccator Cabinet is a direct development from its popular predecessor.

Following consultation with users, Townson and Mercer have developed a

desiccator/humidity cabinet with a new level of operating excellence.

Applications include the dry storage of specimens, testing specimens under constant

humidity, environmental testing of electrical assemblies, metallic products, natural and

synthetic materials.

The desiccator cabinet can achieve temperature stability within an hour of setting.


Recommended chemicals, to give different RH values at 20°C, are printed on the cabinet.

Changes in humidity will differ from as little as 0.02% to as much as 0.8% per °C above 20°C.

• Easy setting with a temperature indicated scale.


• Rapid air circulation over the desiccant tray and shelves giving swift stabilisation of

humidity and temperature.

• Stainless steel desiccant tray.

• Controlled temperature distribution over each shelf.

• RH stability between 0 and 100% can be obtained using appropriate substances at

ambient temperatures.

• Spring loaded door mechanism maintaining cabinets seal and internal atmosphere.

• Solid state electronic control and switching, gives greater stability and prolongs life of

control circuit.

• Indication of moisture change from direct reading hygrometer.

• Accurate and controllable up to 50ºC ±1ºC fluctuation.

• All units are CE marked and manufactured to the highest standards under ISO 9001.

Technical Specification:


Cabinet size (h x w x d mm):  External: 570 x 410 x 300

                                                    Internal: 430 x 325 x 185

Cabinet:  Stainless Steel

Door and shelves:  Plate Glass

Fittings:  Plated/Painted Steel

Interior finish:  Stainless Steel

Exterior finish: Powder coated

Voltage:  220/240 Volts 50/60 Hz

Power:  200 Watts

Net weight:  17kg 


(All figures are approximate and exclude protrusions.)


DE/75014           Accessory Thermometer -10 °C to +50 °C

DE/75016           Accessory Thermometer support blocks (pair)