Paraffin wax dispenser, 7.5L

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Paraffin wax dispenser, 7.5 litre capacity

Electrothermal Paraffin Wax Dispenser with digital temperature control which provides accurate temperature control of the molten wax, and is coupled with an ultra-fast heating system for rapid melting of pelletised wax. A non-drip lever tap with three settings (off, on-demand pull dispense and continuous flow) delivers the wax on-demand. The inner tank has a filter screen (0.5 mm mesh) fitted to prevent coarse particles from blocking the delivery tap.

The digital control panel allows the set temperature to be controlled using the up and down arrows. The dispenser is able to rapidly melt large quantities of pelletised wax. When set at 65˚C the instrument will take ~90 minutes to fully melt 5 kg of pelletised wax, with quantities of molten wax available for use in 30 minutes. The equipment is protected by a miniature circuit breaker and a temperature cut out which operates at 120°C If an over-temperature condition occurs.


• 7.5 litre capacity

• Ambient to 70°C operating temperature range

• Anti-microbial coating (Ag+) to inhibit growth of bacteria

• Safety features include over-temperature cut-out at 120°C

• Heated tap to prevent blockages

• Non-drip lever tap