UV Lamp 6w 254Nm filt 50x150mm

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Lamps, UV, UVIlite range A wide range of ultraviolet lamps. There are filtered lamps in three wavelengths for use in fluorescent techniques and unfiltered lamps in both long and short (germicidal) wavelengths. All incorporate an extruded anodised aluminium housing and a specially designed unique profile has been developed for the hand held lamps. The operator friendly shape permits lamps to be held easily with gloved hands. Applications include: Short wavelength (254nm) -fluorescence techniques, fluorochemistry, mineralogy, photopolymerisation, mutation studies, toxicology. Mid wavelength (312nm) -electrophoresis gel viewing. Long wavelength (365nm) -TLC plate viewing fluorochemistry, food inspection, quality control, titration, pesticide analysis, mineralogy. Filtered lamps These highly efficient, well designed lamps are produced in three wavelengths: 254, 312 and 365nm and dual wavelengths combinations. Powers range from a single 4Watt tube up to 2 x 15Watt tubes. Filter 50×150 mm Tubes 1x6W Wavelength 254mm.