UV Lamp unfilt 365Nm2x6w bl 1215w/cm2

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Unfiltered, 365nm, long wavelength lamps Long wavelength lamps with either BL or BLB tubes: BL tubes are actinic ultraviolet type and include a white light component in the output. Applications for the BL lamps include: polymer curing, adhesive curing, dermatology, pharmacology, photoresist exposure. BLB (Backlight Blue) tubes are self filtered cobalt glass to reduce the visible light component and increase fluorescent contrast. Applications for BLB lamps include: non-destructive testing, quality control, invisible coding/marking, counterfeit note detection, rodent contamination detection, readmission control, aflatoxin detection, signature verification. For ultraviolet safety ware please see the Safety section. Tubes 2x6W BL Intensity(mW/cm2 ) 1215 (15cm)