Inverted trinocular Microscope

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Inverted trinocular microscope XDS-3LT

Trinocular head Inverted microscope equipped with full series of objectives that covers most applications. The head implements an extremely innovative design, that permits adjustments to compensate for operator height. Every control is easy to reach and each component has been designed with ease of use in mind. The focusing and specimen translation controls are designed to allow the user to rest wrists on the table. The light intensity regulation is placed very close to the focusing knobs.

  • Trinocular head inclined 45º, rotating 360º
  • EWF10x/22mm (paired)
  • Quintuple nosepiece
  • Long Working distance objectives
  • Infinity Optical system
  • Plan achromatic PH10x PH20x PH40x
  • Large stage of 250 x 230 mm.
  • Coaxial macro and micro controls
  • Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.30 WD 72 mm.
  • 6V/30W halogen lamp pre-centred with adjustable intensity


MS/55512   40x LWD IOS plan achr. Phase contrast obj.
MS/55514   Phototube adapter for SLR camera
MS/55516   CCD camera adapter
MS/55518   Micrometer eyepiece EWF10x/22mm
MS/55520   60x LWD IOS plan achromatic objective
MS/55028   26x76mm micrometric slide. Range 1mm, div. 0,01mm
MS/55522   6v 30 halogen bulb, spare
MS/55524   Dust cover