Oven OVF-400-80, Drying, mechanical convection 80L

£1,194.30 (exc VAT) Each

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Mechanical convection ovens feature a PID controller which provides you accurate and reliable temperature control ranging from 10°C to 250°C. Ideal for drying and sterilization. The ovens require minimal heating time, reaching 100°C in 20 to 50 minutes. Easy-to-view LCD reads time, current temperature, set temperature, running status, and fan status.

Silicone rubber gasket offers a tight seal, ensuring you good heat retention and low energy consumption. The gasket comes with a long service life and can be easily replaced when needed. Additional oven features include auto-start after power loss/return, temperature deviation alarm, overtemperature set point alarm, and overcurrent protection. An air vent located at the back of the unit can be adjusted by the knob located in front of the oven to control inner air and vapor circulation.

Each oven includes stainless steel shelves with mounting brackets.