Oven OVV-400-53, vacuum, programmable, 50L

£3,044.50 (exc VAT) Each

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These programmable vacuum ovens allow you to manage up to eight programs with eight steps each, one in which temperature, timer, and fan speed can be set. The PID temperature controller provides accurate and reliable temperature control up to 392°F (200°C). An air inlet offers easy access to inert gases such as nitrogen. The ovens feature independent vacuum interface and vents. They are also equipped with a solenoid valve to control vacuum degree and vacuum pump.

Easily monitor your samples through the protective glass window. The rubber O-ring and door lock handle provide a secure seal preventing any air leakage or unauthorized access. Additional oven features include vacuum gauge indicator, temperature deviation alarm, overtemperature set point alarm, and overcurrent protection alarm. The unit will cut off the heater automatically if the temperature is out of control.