Stirrer, magnetic ultra- thin, 15 to 1500rpm

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Stirrer, magnetic ultra- thin, 15 to 1500rpm Ultra-thin, light-weight magnetic stirrer that can be programmed to mix and stir between 15 and 1500 rpm. The pre-set speed is 15 rpm, but the speed can be easily adjusted in increments of 15 rpm. Each time the speed is changed an LED warning light flashes. The direction of the rotor can be set as clockwise or counter clockwise by pressing the reverse key. The low-profile design of the stirrer enables it to be used and stored in restricted spaces such as in fume hoods or in cabinets. The unit weighs 0.3 kg, and measures 175 x 125 x 20.5 mm. The square (110 x 110mm) platform is water-proof and resistant to most laboratory chemicals; the maximum load is 2.0 kg and operates on a 220/240V mains supply