Deioniser Purelab chorus 1 complete 10L/hr system with boost pump

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Deioniser PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete 10 L/Hr System with Boost Pump

Each CHORUS 1 is supplied with start-up kit consisting of: Appropriate quantity LC240, 1 x LC241, 1 x LC275, 1 x LC272, 1 x LC210, MANU40932 Operator Manual, GUID39864 Light Guide, LA762 Basic installation Kit

When you require the ultimate in water purity, PURELAB Chorus 1 provides the perfect solution. Consistently delivering water purity of 18.2 MΩ.cm (Type I+/I) and underpinned by the advanced PureSure® deionization system, the PURELAB Chorus 1 enables you to focus on attaining accurate results

Chorus 1 systems include 

Fully Recirculating Ensuring microbial purity and guaranteeing pure water at the point-of-use.

Real-time TOC Monitoring Provides complete confidence in organic purity.

Integrated Filtration Ultrafiltration or microfiltration filters out endotoxins, proteins, nucleases, and particulates.

Full Spectrum UV Treatment

Data Capture Data capture via USB for system performance validation and software updates.

Technical specification Life Sciences Analytical Research General Sciences

Dispense flow-rate, litre/ min Up to 2.0 Up to 2.0*** Up to 2.0

Inorganics (resistivity @ 25°C) 18.2 MΩ cm

Organics (TOC) 1.3 ppb 1.3 ppb* 1.3 ppb

Bacteria <0.001 CFU/ml <0.001 CFU/ml** <0.001 CFU/ml

Bacterial endotoxin <0.001 EU/ml

pH Effectively neutral

Particles <0.01µm <0.05µm 0.2µm

Dnase <5 pg/ml

Rnase <1 pg/ml

Daily usage (Max) 120 Litres

Daily usage (Min) 1 Litre

Delivery flow-rate, L/min Up to 2.0 l/min

* Dependant on feed water – recommended feed <50 ppb TOC.

** With POU filter fitted. 

*** When connected to Halo, Advanced or flexible