Micra deioniser, 8L per hour, withLC226 consumables pack

£1,309.61 (exc VAT) Each

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The Micra deioniser is a cost effective system producing continuous and uninterrupted general laboratory grade water of single distilled purity or better. A highly efficient and reliable alternative for any laboratory using traditional water stills or bottled water. Both the running costs and essential maintenance associated with still are significantly reduced, however, the system produces a consistent supply of high purity water. • Delivers single distilled purity or better from a potable mains water supply • Provides up to 25 litres of general laboratory use pure water per day • Autofill reservoir function ensures a continual supply • Long life, cost-effective consumables are easy to change • User selectable status/ alarm indicator monitors purity accurately and easily • Low energy consumption, typically 90% lower than a standard water still • No quartz glassware or heating element to clean or replace • Provides an efficient alternative to buying and storing bottled water • Connects to any size reservoir with a suitable 1” BSP threaded connection • Dual voltage: 100–240V ac, 50–60Hz