Melting PT apparatus model IA9100

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Melting point apparatus, single fixed ramp rate

  • Adjustable extension arm
  • Rotating viewing head
  • Adjustable object lens
  • Integral light and 8 x wide angle viewing magnifier.
  • Digital microprocessor with 0.1°C resolution
  • Audible temperature stabilization alert.
  • Push-button controls.
  • Aluminium heating block
  • Temperature range of ambient to 400°C.
  • Records four discrete temperatures by simply pushing the “go-to” button.
  • Unit comes with one fixed temperature ramp rate (1°C/min.).
  • Fast Ramp Rate of 10°C/min. feature can be used if the melt temperature is unknown. This fast ramp feature can help to find an approximate measurement of melt temperature.
  • Temperature data can be temporarily stored and recalled on the LCD display


MP/25108         Accessory – Cold finger

MP/25110         Accessory – Dust cover

MP/25112         Accessory – Power supply IA9100 and IA9200

MP/25116         Accessory – Bulb 6V 2.2W MES

MP/25118         Accessory – Capillary tubes 1.5mm