Multi parameter portable meter, ph/ec/tds temperature

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Multi parameter meter, portable, pH/EC/TDS temperature

Meter, portable HI-9813-5

The HI-9813-5 multi-parameter portable meter is specifically designed for various applications, especially agricultural, such as hydroponics, greenhouses, farming and nurseries. It features a large LCD display detailing the parameter being measured as well as calibration instructions. Calibration is fast using easy access knobs positioned on the front panel of the instrument.

A very simple to use instrument for measuring pH, mS/cm, ppm and temperature in °C scale measurements. Supplied with an HI-1285 series pH/EC/TDS and temperature probe with fibre junction ans gel electrolyte.

• Water resistant

On-screen tutorial messages for calibration

BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings

Switch parameters at the touch of a button

Automatic Temperature Compensation for pH and conductivity

Simple calibration

Battery % displayed on start-up

Fast response multi-parameter probe

Technical specification


Range 0.0 to 14.0pH

Resolution 0.1pH

Accuracy (@ 20°C/ 68°F)