Electrode ise cadmium (Cd²+)

£325.00 (exc VAT) Each

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Ion Selective electrode, Cadmium (Cd2+), concentration 10-1-1×10-6, limit 81,000-0.4ppm, temperature range 5-50°C, main interterences Hg++, Ag+, Cu++, ph range 3-7, ISAB 5MKNO3

MONO Ion Selective Electrodes are also available, please contact the office with your requirements for prices


These electrodes can be used with any conventional laboratory or hand held pH meter with a millivolt mode.

A 1 metre cable terminated with a BNC connector is fitted as standard. A longer cable length can be specified at the time of ordering (maximum 10 metres). Probe dimensions are 120 x 12mm.

Main features and benefits include:



• No Reference electrode needed

• Available in fully submersible and water proof format

• Solid state sensors

• Ideal for unskilled operatives

• No filling solution required

• Virtually unbreakable

• Can be left dry for long periods

• Long lifetime