Turound baseidimeter model TL2360 ISO 0 – 10000 NTU with led

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Turbidimeter model TL2360 ISO 0 – 10000 NTU with LED Turbidity measurement to ISO and EPA standards, in the laboratory and in the field. Turbidity is an easily obtainable, meaningful parameter and is firmly established in water analysis, quality assurance and process control. The TL23 series turbidimeters combine practical design with standard compliant measurement technology and are available in four different models: two models with tungsten lamp at 460 nm, and two models with LED light source at 860 nm. These meters offer a wide range of turbidity applications and improved functionality to simplify testing. Features include: a colour touch screen, a USB port for data transfer, self-diagnostics for quality assurance, and single point calibration for measurements under 40 NTU/FNU. Precise and reliable • In detecting the slightest turbidity e.g. in drinking water • In the treatment of wastewater and process water • In the monitoring of municipal and industrial filtration processes • In the monitoring of process water streams • For quality assurance The TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters blend trusted technology and improved features to simplify testing in the most demanding industrial and wastewater applications. Common features: • Colour touch screen, 17.8mm • A repeatability of ± 1% of reading or 0.01 NTU, whichever is greater (under reference conditions) • 2 USB-A ports for USB flash drive, external printer, keyboard and barcode scanner • 2000 Total logs, includes reading log, verification log and calibration log • Dry Nitrogen or instrument grade air purge, 0.05L/s at 69kPa (10psig); 138 kPa (20 psig) max vis hose barb connection for 1/8-inch tubing • Accepts round cells 95 x 25mm (3.74 x 1inch) borosilicate glass with rubber-lined screw caps* • Sample requirement: 20ml minimum in in the 25mm cell, 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) • CE, KC and RCM certified • Power requirement is 100 to 254V AC, 50/60 Hz, 3.4A *Note: Smaller sample cells (less than 25mm) can be used when a cell adapter is used.

Technical Specification TL2300 TL2350 TL2310 TL2360
Air purge Dry Nitrogen or instrument grade air (ANSI MC 11.1.1975) 0.05L/s at 69kPa (10psig): 138 kPa (20 psig) max
Hose barb connection For 1/8 inch tubing
Certifications CE