Pipette tips crystal, type E 0,5-20µl, racked, sterile

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Pipette tips, sterilised, in multirack, crystal 0.5-20µl, length 4538mm Ratiolab® Multirack pipette tip system saves even more time and provides perfect hygienic conditions and simple operation. The tips are placed on a robust matrix, in a 8 x 12 format for all tips up to 300 µl, and in a 6 x 10 format for tip size 100 – 1000 µl.

They can be picked-up by 1, 8 or 12-channel pipettors as well as by pipetting robots, contamination-free and without any hand contact. Manufactured from durable material, the hinged cover can be opened up to 180°. After use, the Multibox® can be closed firmly by means of a click closure to protect the tips from dust.

The racks are completely autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 min and available in sterile and non-sterile packs.

Refill trays are available, please contact us for details