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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information

Autoclave, Astell Swiftlock, top loading, capacity 120 litres, for use on single and 3 phase power supplies. Chamber diameter 456mm, chamber depth 588mm, loading height 912mm, overall dimensions 660mm wide x 1070mm high x 840mm deep. STANDARD FEATURES • 95, 120 & 135 Litres Top Loading – 120, 153, 240, 290 & 344 Litres Front Loading • Touch-Screen Controller with USB port • Fully Programmable • PIN Restricted User Programming • Timed Free Steaming • Hold-warm / Delayed Start • Full Range of Options & Accessories • Suitable for a wide range of Laboratory applications • Guaranteed precision and versatility in sterilization • Ultra Quick Swiftlock Door Mechanism • Service Independent Gasket • Data Archiving for up to 5000 cycles Supplied with integral steam generator as standard, however, direct steam versions are available, please ask for details The Astell colour touch screen control system offers important benefits to safety and efficiency by allowing a cycle operation to be monitored in greater detail, providing status updates, clear warning messages when required, and allowing storage of data for up to 5000 cycles. It also allows users the flexibility to create and modify their own cycle parameters, ensuring adaptability and longevity whatever the sterilization requirements IDEAL FOR Liquids & most laboratory applications, including Discard, Glassware, Laboratory Instruments etc. Available with various options and accessories, including Assisted Air Cooling, Load Sensed Process Timing, Advanced Water Cooling, Pulsar Free Steaming, Data Recording devices.