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Stuart Carbolite Hach


Bibbyjet Pro


Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

 Pipette Controller, Bibbyjet Pro, rechargeable

The Bibbyjet is powerful, lightweight and ergonomically designed. It fits easily in the hand and is comfortable to use all day.

• LED shows when battery is running low

• The Bibbyjet has a venting feature. The air sucked from the pipette does not go through the pump but is discharged out of the front of the instrument. This avoids corrosion of the internal mechanism by the damp air and vents any fumes away from the operator.

• Mode selector switch for gravity delivery or blow out (with motor power)

A filter and safety valve protect against contamination of the unit and the pipette holder is fully autoclavable The new Bibbyjet is powerful enough to fill a 50ml pipette in just 10 seconds and the batteries have the power to give a full day\'s work without recharging.

Supplied complete with 2 replacement membrane filters and wall holder.Bibbyjet Pro, complete with UK charger

PC/15004          Accessory Silicone adapter

PC/15006          Accessory 0.2μm filter, sterile

PC/15008          Accessory 0.2μm filter, non-sterile

PC/15010          Accessory 3μm filter, non-sterile

PC/15012          Accessory 3μm filter, non-sterile

PC/15014          Accessory Wall support