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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information



Temp. Range

30 - 450oC

Temp. stability @ 40°C


Temp. stability @ 100°C


Temp. Setting

Thumb wheel

Temp. Display


Max. temp. variation between identical  blocks at 40°C


Set point accuracy


Max. No. blocks


Heat up time, 30 - 37ºC


Heat up time, 30 - 56ºC


Heat up time, 30 - max ºC

90 min

Size L x W x H (mm)


Net weight


 Dri-Block® heater. Ambient - 200ºC digital.

Techne Dri-Block® heaters are the economical answer to every laboratory\'s need for a compact constant temperature heater suitable for test tubes, cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, 96 well plates and other small containers.

Dri-Blocks are particularly suitable for microbiology and clinical laboratories for incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet ashing, sample concentration, enzyme analysis and other general uses. They are also used for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Temperature range up to 200 ºC
  • Wide range of interchangeable insert blocks available to accommodate a variety of tubes
  • Insert blocks for microcentrifuge tubes and 96 well plates available
  • Zero voltage switching, all solid state control
  • Insert block removal/extraction tool
  • Models available with analogue or digital control. The DB-2P offers 3 adjustable presets.

Dri-Block® heater units have a recessed chamber to hold interchangeable insert blocks which must be purchased separately. Heat up rate on all units is rapid. Independent lights indicate mains power, heater action and over-temperature conditions are incorporated and an on/off switch is mounted on the rear panel.

The units are light in weight and have extremely efficient insulation to ensure that the case remains cool enough to handle even at maximum operating temperatures. All Techne products are designed and manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:1994. They conform to the EMC and low voltage directives and all important RF interference and electrical safety regulations.

All units are 120/230V 50 -60 Hz