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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information


Contact thermometer, digital. SCT1


NB: the SCT1 can only be used with the SC162 and CC162. It is not compatible with any other Stuart stirrer hotplate

For accurate temperature control of aqueous or oil based samples in the laboratory. The SCT1 is designed for use with the Stuart metal top (SC162) or ceramic top (CC162) stirrer hotplates. It can be used as a precise temperature controller up to a maximum of 200°C or as a digital thermometer up to 325°C. It features an in-built clamp to allow either horizontal or vertical retort rod mounting. The stainless steel temperature probe can be detached allowing removal of the main body of the SCT1 temperature controller from potentially damaging fumes. The SCT1 temperature controller regulates the hotplate to accurately control the temperature of the sample, which is set via the large LED display.