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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information

 Biorack 750 racked storage refrigerator, 35 Litre capacity.

The Biorack series combines the efficiency of narrow neck storage refrigerators with the convenience of internal racks for easy retrieval and inventory of specimens. Uniquely, each Biorack unit is supplied complete with NalgeneTM Cryoboxes of either 100 or 25 celldesign for the storage of 2ml cryovials. A range of three sizes is available from 750 vials for the low volume user, up to 5400 vials for main cell banks. All units are supplied with aluminium lockable lids for additional security. LN2 consumption per vial stored is among the lowest available. A wide range of accessories to suit the Biorack series is available including the Cryoguard alarm. Protective clothing is also available and is recommended when operating containers of this type.

Model  Biorack 750
LN2 Capacity (litres) 35
Evaporation Rate (litres/day) 0.30
Static Holding Time (days) 117
Weight Empty (kg) 19
Weight Full (kg) 47
Neck Diameter (mm) 120
Overall Height (mm) 747
Total 2ml Cryovial Capacity  750
Cryobox Format 5 x 5