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Stuart Carbolite Hach



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Product Information

Dipslides Side 1 Nutrient & TTC supplement Side 2 Malt Extract

Dipslides are a simple and easy to use swabbing and sampling device which provide a simple and easy-to-use alternative to the plate count technique for assessing microbial contamination. Used in conjunction with the Challenger incubators each Dipslide is a self contained unit avoiding the need for laboratory based procedures such as plating out on Petri dishes.

Dipslide units consist of nutrient agars on a sampling paddle, permanently attached to an easy to hold cap, contained in a clear plastic container and batch numbered for quality control purposes. The unique hinged design improves access to angled surfaces

• Large paddle for easy reading

• Flexible paddle for maximum surface contact

• Airtight lid (Easy to lift off)

• Conveniently boxed in 10\'s

• Comparator chart provided

Manufactured in a clean environment and stored at constant temperature prior to despatch all materials and each batch are traceable from source to customer.

Dipslides are non-hazardous. Used & contaminated slides should be sterilised before disposal, by immersing in a disinfectant, or by autoclave, or incineration.

Dipslides can be used to monitor microbial growth wherever the potential may exceed 1000 organisms per ml of sample fluid.