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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Dispensers, bottle top, BibbyPet BD10, capacity 10ml with 0.2ml settings

• Economical

• Semi-automatic

• Replaceable dispensing cartridge and valves


The BibbyPet is a new bottle top dispenser with an innovative design concept that makes it

a real low cost alternative for routine dispensing. Based on a replaceable

polypropylene/polyethylene dispensing cartridge the BibbyPet is ideal for use with aqueous

solutions, alkalis, dilute acids and polar solvents such as ethanol or acetone. Both the

dispensing cartridge and valves can be quickly and easily replaced. The BibbyPet has a

45mm thread and is supplied complete with adapters for bottles with 32mm and 40mm

threads. Both the 10ml and the 25ml versions have an accuracy of ± 1.2% and a


repeatability of 0.2%