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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Ion Selective electrode, Water Hardness, concentration 2x101-5x10-5, temperature range 0-50°C, main interterences Ba++, Cd++, Cu++, ph range 4.5-10, ISAB LiAC

MONO Ion Selective Electrodes are also available, please contact the office with your requirements for prices



• No Reference electrode needed

• Available in fully submersible and water proof format

• Solid state sensors

• Ideal for unskilled operatives

• No filling solution required

• Virtually unbreakable

• Can be left dry for long periods

• Long lifetime

These electrodes can be used with any conventional laboratory or hand held pH meter with a millivolt mode.

A 1 metre cable terminated with a BNC connector is fitted as standard. A longer cable length can be specified at the time of ordering (maximum 10 metres). Probe dimensions are 120 x 12mm.

Main features and benefits include: