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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information


Lyotrap Plus





Ice Capacity


Heat Extraction Rate (-40°C)


Minimum Temp. (°C)


Chamber Dim\'s DiaxD (mm)


Overall Dim\'s HxWxD (mm)


 Lyotrap-Plus. This unique bench-top freeze dryer has all the features of the Lyotrap and also incorporates a built-in temperature controllable work chamber complete with three shelves. Four floating temperature probes allow the load temperatures to be monitored, and as an option, the unit can be monitored and controlled via a remote PC. The Lyotrap-Plus has a 4kg ice capacity.

FD/85010          Accessory - Acrylic drying chamber, 240x300mm (id x h)  

FD/85012          Accessory - tainless steel 4-shelf unit, 220mm dia.  

FD/85014          Accessory - For acrylic chamber 0 8-port flask manifold lid, including 8x3/4 inch quick seal valves

FD/85016          Accessory - Cold trap lid with hose for solvent recovery or vacuum pump protection

FD/85018          Accessory - Drying chamber plain lid, 250mm dia x 20mm thick

FD/85020          Accessory - 16-port drum manifold

FD/85022          Accessory - 24-port drum manifold

FD/85024          Accessory - 6-tray shelf support to fit inside drum manifold or acrylic chamber

FD/85026          Accessory - 8-port column manifold

FD/85028          Accessory - 24-port column manifold

FD/85030          Accessory - Temperature-controlled heater mats (6 mats)

FD/85032          Accessory - Stoppering shelf arrangement

FD/85034          Accessory - 48-port ampoule manifold

FD/85036          Accessory - Acrylic lid with fitting and clamp to accept ampoule manifold

FD/85038          Accessory - Split manifold plus clamps to allow 2 x LF/LYO/30/0 to be fitted

FD/85040          Accessory - Pre-freeze bath (-40°C)

FD/85042          Accessory - 1m vacuum hose and clamp to fit Lyotrap, plus KF25 hose for vacuum pump

FD/85044          Accessory - L-section rubber gaskets for drying chamber 

FD/85046          Accessory - Vacuum pump VRC100 plus oil mist filter