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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information


Lyotrap Ultra





Ice Capacity


Heat Extraction Rate (-40°C)


Minimum Temp. (°C)


Chamber Dim\'s DiaxD (mm)


Overall Dim\'s HxWxD (mm)


Freeze drier Lyotrap-Ultra. This is the largest freeze dryer in the range, with an 18kg ice capacity. Having the same controls and features as the Lyotrap, the Lyotrap-Ultra is ideal for high product volumes and long running times between defrosts. This model is well suited for multi-user laboratories and pilotscale applications. Unlike the rest of the Lyotrap range, the Lyotrap-Ultra includes an integral vacuum pump and is floor standing, supplied with castors.

FD/85010          Accessory - Acrylic drying chamber, 240x300mm (id x h)  

FD/85012          Accessory - tainless steel 4-shelf unit, 220mm dia.  

FD/85014          Accessory - For acrylic chamber 0 8-port flask manifold lid, including 8x3/4 inch quick seal valves

FD/85016          Accessory - Cold trap lid with hose for solvent recovery or vacuum pump protection

FD/85018          Accessory - Drying chamber plain lid, 250mm dia x 20mm thick

FD/85020          Accessory - 16-port drum manifold

FD/85022          Accessory - 24-port drum manifold

FD/85024          Accessory - 6-tray shelf support to fit inside drum manifold or acrylic chamber

FD/85026          Accessory - 8-port column manifold

FD/85028          Accessory - 24-port column manifold

FD/85030          Accessory - Temperature-controlled heater mats (6 mats)

FD/85032          Accessory - Stoppering shelf arrangement

FD/85034          Accessory - 48-port ampoule manifold

FD/85036          Accessory - Acrylic lid with fitting and clamp to accept ampoule manifold

FD/85038          Accessory - Split manifold plus clamps to allow 2 x LF/LYO/30/0 to be fitted

FD/85040          Accessory - Pre-freeze bath (-40°C)

FD/85042          Accessory - 1m vacuum hose and clamp to fit Lyotrap, plus KF25 hose for vacuum pump

FD/85044          Accessory - L-section rubber gaskets for drying chamber 

FD/85046          Accessory - Vacuum pump VRC100 plus oil mist filter