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Stuart Carbolite Hach



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Product Information



General Purpose Epoxy combination pH Electrode

for use by non-skilled operators or where physical demands are high.

• Polymer body 12mm diameter

• Annular ceramic junction reduces the likelihood of blockage.

• Ag/AgCl reference. Non refillable. Low maintenance

• PH range 0-14

• Temperature range 0-80º C

• Diameter 12mm. Length 120mm(excluding cap)

• Supplied with 1 metre cable and BNC connector


pH and reference electrodes

A superior range of laboratory, field and industrial electrodes all manufactured in the UK. The EDTdirectION series covers pH, conductivity, redox and ion selective electrodes for routine and specific applications. All directION probes can be manufactured to user specifications at very little extra cost. For this service just contact your local distributor. Every EDTdirectION electrode is supplied with the right connector for your pH meter at no extra cost. All you need to do is stipulate the connector required from the connector

diagram opposite and stipulate on your order.

pH Electrodes

A comprehensive range of both general purpose and specialist application electrodes, to meet
the requirements of most users wishing to perform pH determinations on aqueous samples. All EDT directION pH electrodes come complete with a 1 metre cable and BNC connector as standard. They are suitable for use with any make of pH meter with a BNC connector. If a different connector is required please select one from the diagram opposite. Longer cable lengths are also available.