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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information


Hach portable conductivity meter HQ14D, the ultimate meter/probe system offering flexibility and ease of use with interchangeable probes. Ideal for multiple users and testing methods. Perfect for laboratory and outdoor use.

The mix and match of electrodes and meters ensures reliability and flexibility. Calibration data is securely stored in the electrode, ensuring correct values at all times. The LDO method of oxygen measurement gives enormous handling benefits. The HQD technology and INTELLICAL® electrodes are backed up by substantial experience.

Digital INTELLICAL® electrodes are recognised automatically

• Outstanding reliability and simple handling

Stable, ready-to-use INTELLICAL® oxygen sensor with luminescence (LDO) technology

• Reliable O2 results - without calibrating or replacing the electrolyte

Rugged outdoor electrodes with cables up to 30m long, without interferences thanks to digital technology

• Reliable results from inaccessible measurement locations and over long distances, even for pH

Large illuminated graphic display. Results and operating instructions in plain English

• Immediately understandable and easy to read, even in difficult light conditions

Automatic measurement with the progress of the stabilisation of the reading shown on the display. User-defined measurement interval (data logger)

• Reliable, error-free measurement in all conditions

Freely selectable calibration interval, slope tolerances and standard control solution

• Reliable readings at all times