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Stuart Carbolite Hach

Inert gas** 0-10 bar base entry, BS341 No.3 inlet, 3/8 BSP male outlet.


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Product Information

The Tech-master multi-stage cylinder regulator provides the ultimate answer to industrial gas pressure requirements. Capable of working on cylinder pressures up to 300 bar, these regulators provide extra safety and precision control to the user. The two stage reduction of cylinder pressure within the Multi-stage regulator combines extra safety with precise control over the complete pressure range. The regulators are produced under the Gas-Arc quality management system BS EN ISO 9001 and the design and construction have been tailored to meet in full the requirements of EN ISO 2503. This regulator is suitable for inert gasses, Nitrogen, Air, Argon, Helium and Inert Mixes, 0-10 bar base entry, BS341 No.3 inlet, 3/8 BSP male outlet.