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Stuart Carbolite Hach

Lovibond 2000+ Comparator Disc Chlorine, 5 - 50mg/l, requires reagent 517722BT



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Disc ref 3/2ARP, Chlorine, 5 - 50mg/l, requires reagent 517722BT

One in a wide range of test discs containing a series of graded glass filters, which have been pre-calibrated to give direct test readings. The unique feature of Lovibond® test discs is that they incorporate coloured glass filters which are stable and fade free, and are not affected by UV light or extreme environmental conditions. The most widely used discs are listed, however, a full range of over 200 water testing discs are available on request. Discs are supplied in a protective plastic case with instruction sheet.