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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information

Model 425 Dual Channel Industrial Flame Photometer developed to improve the productivity and analytical performance of the laboratory when measuring Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium. The time taken to set up and calibrate the instrument is much reduced by the automatic ignition and optimised flame conditions.

The analytical performance is improved by the use of a Lithium Internal Standard signal which reduces any fluctuation in flame conditions, drift, and dilution errors.

The readings on both channels are linear over the working range.

There are several monitoring and control functions included in the software driving the unit, e.g. measurements can only be made after Blanking and Calibration.

The 425 can operate in continuous or peak mode, in peak mode, the unit automatically detects a stable reading for transmission to a printer or computer. In continuous mode the display is real time and can be sent to the analogue output with or without ratioing to the Internal Standard Reference, printed or sent to a computer.

The date of analysis is printed at each calibration; the time is printed for each sample. QC and repeat samples are identified on the printout. Sample dilution and presentation to the Model 425 of Clinical samples can be made automatically by the Sherwood Model 805 Diluter. Pre-dilution of urine samples required for Potassium.


420 BlueNotes Software


The Model 420 Flame Photometer now comes with 420 BlueNotes software. supplied free with all newly-built Model 425 instruments. The 420 BlueNotes package greatly increases the utility of this dual channel flame photometer. The linear response range of the standalone instrument is extended to multipoint calibration, enabling analysis of a much wider range of sample concentrations.

Another major change is that all elements – Na, K, Li for Model 420 and Na, K, Li, Ca can be measured at the same time, rather than only two at once. If required, the operator will be able to measure all elements simultaneously via the host computer’s onscreen, real-time display.

The operator is allowed to choose K or Li as an internal standard reference element. The ‘Spot Check’ facility updates a previous multipoint calibration, thus adjusting for any drift (when the internal standard facility is not in use) and allowing previously generated calibrations to be re-used. 420 BlueNotes requires a PC running Windows XP or later (not supplied), and is fully compatible with combinations of newly-supplied dual channel flame photometer, diluter and autosampler. However, the new software is not backward compatible with units already installed.


FP/35006 Compressor model 851 230 V

FP/35008 Compressor model 855 with moisture trap 230 V (not suitable for model 410)

FP/35014 Continuous flow auto diluter Model 805

FP/35036 Auto sampler model 860 for models 420 and 425 FP/35038 Bluenotes software package upgrade for 410

FP/35024 Propane regulator

FP/35026 Butane regulator (Camping Gaz)

FP/35028 Butane regulator (15 kg)

FP/35030 Interference filter, calcium

FP/35032 Interference filter, barium

FP/35033 Interference filter, lithium

FP/35034 Spare filter holder 


FP/31002 Sodium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31004 Potassium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31006 Lithium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31008 Calcium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml


FP/31018 Standard 100ml, for Na140ppm, K 5ppm, Li 1.5ppm