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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information

Nelldorn Hot Air Dryer, a

n economical and efficient method of drying and storing most containers, glassware and plasticware. A large volume of air is drawn over the thermostatically controlled heating elements and forced through each drying tube. This rapid flow of warm air dries glass or plastic quickly without harm. The process uses a minimum of electricity (typically less than 2 units) and is therefore considerably cheaper than oven type dryers. The unit has an adjustable timer which will automatically switch off the dryer after the pre-set time from 0-120 minutes.

• Cost efficient

• Capacity of 60 items

• Dries in 15 to 20 minutes

• Wall mounting or bench standing

• Thermostatic control

• Variable 120 minute timer

• Quick and Efficient

Drying Tube Capacity


(Refers to tube length against drying capacity)

   75mm     100mm     140mm     152mm

     30            13             9              8

Overall dimensions: (wxdxh) 490 x 190 x 430 (mm).