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Stuart Carbolite Hach


Townson & Mercer


Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Technical specifications



\'POS TEMP\' E270



- Case Powder Coated Steel

Case Powder Coated Steel

- Tank Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

External Dimensions

LWH (mm) 670 x 320 x 610

Height of main case (mm)


Working Space

390 x 255 x 390 LWH mm

Viewing Window

375 x 340 mm


Two 1000 watt boost heaters which can be controlled manually or automatically. Permanent load up to 420 watts and a 600 watt thermostat controlled heater


Max 3100 watts


220/240 Volts 50 Hz Single Phase

Temp Range

120°C Maximum minimum temperature dependent on coolant system

Heating time

40°C - Water filled 1 hour

100°C - Oil filled 1.25 hours

Temperature control

Better than ±0.01°C

 \'POS TEMP\' E270 viscosity bath

  • Precision controlled, better than ± 0.01 °C
  • Temperatures from + 10 °C up to 120 °C
  • Essential for accurate determination of kinematic viscosity
  • Meets the requirements of the \"Institute of Petroleum\" & \"American Society for Testing and Materials\"
  • High visibility viewing windows allow clear observation of up to 8 viscometers

The \'POS TEMP\' Viscosity bath is designed for kinematic viscosity determinations to the stringent requirements of IP & ASTM standards. A specially designed stainless steel support lid holds up to 8 viscometer holders; each one can be independently levelled and checked using the circular spirit level.

For temperatures less than 10°C above ambient a simple water cooling coil or small refrigeration unit can be used. A range of accessories make the \'POS TEMP\' Viscosity bath simple to use. Complies with all relevant standards.


RU/75220 04800220 Small refrigeration unit

VB/75004 04400077 Plain metal lid

VB/75006 04400091 Viscometer lid with 8 holes

VB/75008 04400132 Opal glass diffuser screen

VB/75010      Fluorescent lighting unit with 2 tubes for attachment to the back of the bath

VB/75012      Cooling coil to use with water

VB/75020      Universal viscometer holder

VB/75022      Adapter ring

VB/75024      Circular spirit level

VB/75026      Rubber caps for viscometer holders

VB/75028      Bench viscometer stand

VB/75030      Thermometer holder

VB/75032      Plastic covers with insulation handle for vacant viscometer openings