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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Dispensers, bottle top, Pressmatic. Capacity, ml:5.0 to 30.0


• New design with recirculation valve

• Chemically resistant and non-sticking ceramic piston

• Simple & accurate volume setting

• Fully rotational on bottle for optimum positioning

• Accuracy within 0.7%

• Can be autoclaved at 121°C

The high specification and innovative design of the Pressmatics make them the ideal dispenserfor almost any solution, including concentrated acids and alkali reagents. A new recirculation system cuts down on solution wastage during priming. The Pressmatic fits directly onto a 45mm thread and is supplied with three adapters to fit most laboratory bottles. Every unit is individually calibrated to 0.7% accuracy and supplied with a certificate.



Accessory bottles for Pressmatic dispensers

DI/13116 1000ml, amber

DI/13120 1000ml, clear