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Stuart Carbolite Hach



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Product Information

Stereo microscope ST-50


This stereo microscope has wide applications in science and industry. Large objects, twigs, rocks, leaves, flowers, gems, industrial parts etc., can easily be accommodated under the flex arm. The advantage of ST-50 is the flex arm contains the LED illumination which provides high and white light intensity to all position over the object.


• Binocular head inclined 45º frontally

• WF10x/20mm (paired)

• Fixed objective 2x

• Incident LED illumination with flex arm




MS/55212    Eyepieces WF 5x 22mm (pair)

MS/55214    Eyepieces WF 15x 15mm (pair)

MS/55216    Eyepieces WF 20x 13mm (pair)

MS/55218    Micrometric eyepiece WF10x

MS/55220   Objective 1x

MS/55222   Objective 3.5x

MS/55224   Dust cover