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Stuart Carbolite Hach




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Product Information

The Stomacher® 400 Circulator is the Worlds leading laboratory blender. When food safety and quality matter the Stomacher can be relied on to safeguard your reputation. The unique paddle action extracts more organisms into suspension from a variety of food types than any other blending process. The sample and diluent are retained in an irradiated sterile Stomacher® bag and there is no direct contact between the blender mechanism and the sample. The Stomacher® 400 Circulator is not only the most effective of its type it is also the quietest and the most reliable.

  • Improved organism recovery
  • One touch user programmable time and speed
  • \"Hands-free\" auto-run feature
  • Count down of processing time
  • Improved reliability and hygienic design

Stomacher® produces homogenisation by a combination of crushing and stirring. Both of these are required to maximise organism recovery. Curved paddles, an island baffle inside the door chamber and round bottomed Stomacher® bags mould the bag contents into a tubular ring. In operation the paddles not only crush the sample but they also circulate the suspended debris and diluent. This produces additional processing effects.

  • The diluent and sample are extruded under pressure past the island buffer
  • A vigorous stirring action of the bag contents from top to bottom
  • Enhanced shearing forces

Stomacher® 400 has a touch control panel with LCD which is angled towards the operator. Timer and paddle speed are programmable with a combination of the three paddle speeds and infinitely variable time from 1 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Stomacher® 400 circular bags carry the same guarantee of durability and sterility as the classic bag range. Only genuine Stomacher® Bags carry the Seward quality mark.


MB/46412   Stomacher® 400 circulator bags standard 500
MB/46418   STR Filter bag 200
MB/46416   CLR Closure bag 250 250
MB/45404   Stomacher 400 bag racks 1 place 1
MB/45406   Stomacher 400 bag racks 10 place 10
MB/45408   Stomacher 400 bag opener 1 place 1