Checktemp C thermometer -50 to +150°C

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SKU: TH/35002

The Checktemp offers no breakage, no waste, and no difficulty in reading; the digital display prevents a parallax error (observing the wrong measurement due to the angle of view) and is optimised for a wide range of environmental temperatures.
Checktemp is provided with Hanna’s unique CAL Check™ function for accurate measurements every time. The Checktemp® implements a CAL Check upon startup and reports the status as “0” or “err”.

Technical specifications
Range -50.0 to 150.0°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C (-20 to 90°C)
±0.5°C (outside)
Probe fixed stainless steel 106 x diameter 3.6 mm (penetration)
Battery Type / Life CR2032 Li-ion approx. 2000 hours of continuous use
Environment -30 to 50°C; IP65
Dimensions 50 x 185 x 21mm
Weight 50g