Refractometer, handheld, MyBrix Pack 10

£3,135.00 (exc VAT) PK10

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SKU: RF/65022

With a full Brix range and 10 integrated sugar-related scales, the MyBrix offers fast measurement of almost any food and beverage sample. A compact, robust, and weatherproof design makes this portable device ideal for field and on-site measurements.

Instant and affordable sugar analysis.
• Measurements within seconds -The MyBrix measures refractive index and sugar content instantly and precisely: Results are received within just two seconds in the desired scale.
• Fits in any pocket. – The MyBrix pocket refractometer is compact, lightweight, and designed to fit comfortably in the hand.
• Robust and durable -With a weatherproof design (IP 65-rated) and the rubberised keypad, the MyBrix is ideal for measurements in the field and near the production line.