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MRS Scientific Ltd are the leading independent UK distributor and exporter of quality laboratory equipment, apparatus and chemicals to customers both in the UK & all destinations around the world. We have been exporting the best of British and European products for 25 years.

Lab equipment

From Autoclaves & Balances to Viscometer baths and Water purifiers, MRS Scientific will give you the best value prices. Our specialist staff can ensure your new equipment will include all the accessories for your test method, and can recommend the best solution, even if you don’t know exactly what you need. Measuring instruments & electrochemistry such as Glass hydrometers and pH meters are included in this section, as well as liquid handling. Volumetric glassware is listed with Apparatus.

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Apparatus is the broad term to cover all re-usable laboratory items that don’t need power, e.g. Glassware, Plasticware & Metalware. To ensure accurate experimentation & preparation we can offer you a complete range of premium PYREX and Quickfit products, along side great value alternatives, all compliant with international standards. Our Volumetric glassware can be supplied with optional traceable and UKAS/DIN calibration certificates to meet all your needs.

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MRS Scientific offer a full range of laboratory consumables, disposables, chemicals and hygiene products. We supply accessory tips and consumables, sampling containers and complete filtration solutions from the leading U.K. and European brands, as well as a range of cost effective premium quality non-branded alternative options, to meet your budget. It is impossible to offer every size/material option so if you need something not listed please ask!

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