FLASK FLAT FLANGE LID 100MM S19/26 S14/23 S29/32

£966,669.00 (exc VAT) PK5

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Multi-socket/flat flange lids. Flange Bore: 100. Centre socket: 19/26.

Parallel: 14/23.  Side sockets: 5°: 14/23, 10°: 14/23, 15°: 29/32.

Multi-socket lids for use with the Quickfit range of wide neck reaction flasks and culture vessels. They allow introduction of a great variety of standard Quickfit equipment for stirring, temperature measurement, aeration and general distillation procedures. The parallel side neck can be fitted with a multiple adapter so that larger dropping funnels can be used. Lids with a single socket neck are of use where simple extraction, refluxing or mixing only are required.