Loop, 1µl, calibrated, with white handle, reusable, nichrome wire

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Loop,  1µl, calibrated, with white handle, reusable Reusable needles and loops with fitted handle Loops and needles are used to select, inoculate or transfer microbiological samples, made of high quality twisted nichrome wire and attached to a light-weight aluminium handle which is insulated to protect the hand during use. The loops have been designed to slide along agar surfaces without cutting or tearing. Loops, needles and handles cool rapidly after sterilization, the loops are offered calibrated (1µl & 10µl) or non-calibrated in small, medium or large, colour coded for easy identification. Calibrated loops are supplied with calibration certificates based on ASM/APHA Evans Blue Dye test protocols. Needles are offered straight or bent with colour coded handle