Syringe filter Minisart plus 0.2um ind wrap

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Minisart Plus filtration unit, 0.2µm, with glass fibre pre-filter sterile with male luer lock outlet, individually wrapped. 

Minisart Syringe filter holders for rapid small volume sterilization, ready-to-use units, which offer high flow rates at low inlet pressures and make a correspondingly rapid sterile filtration possible. Fitted on a standard syringe, they enable a less hand-tiring sterilization of up to 100 ml of liquid. A Minisart fitted on a standard dosing syringe makes up a very convenient system for simultaneous dosing and sterilization.

The combination of a large filtration area and an optimised geometry of the filter support,

which are responsible for the high flow rates, also ensure high total throughputs. 

Technical Specification: 

  Adsorption: Values determined for the cellulose acetate membrane,

  0.8–3 μ g/cm2 with RSA, 8–12 μg/cm2 with gamma globulin.

  Bubble point:  With water, minimum value 3.4 bar (340 kPa, 49.5 psi) manual

  measurement. Values determined by Sartocheck can be lower by 0.1–0.2 bar.

  Colour coding: Blue

  Cytotoxicity: No inhibition with MRC-5 or L-929 cells


Endotoxins:  Endotoxin-output below the detection limit of the tests (0.06 EU/ml)

Filter diameter: 28 mm

Filter area: 5.3 cm2

Flow rate:  Typical values for water at p = 1 bar (100 kPa