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Disinfectant, virucidal, Virkon. 50g sachet.

A wide spectrum disinfectant which has been proven to be effective against all 22 virus families affecting man and animals, including HIV and Hepatitis B,and successfully tested on over 400 strains of bacteria. In short, Virkon kills all known key human pathogens.Virkon is still the ultimate high level surface disinfectant suitable for use on surfaces in Healthcare, Laboratory, Food preparation and production, Catering, Residential, Hotel, Transport, Emergency Services and Public enviroments. In addition to Virkon powder a new 5gm tablet provides a quick way to make up 500ml of 1% Virkon solution. The tablet dissolves cleanly and quickly, and is conveniently shaped to pop into the neck of a trigger spray bottle for rapid and safe application of the solution. Virkon can also be applied, in powder form, direct to spillages of blood and other body fluids. Non-corrosive when used as directed, non-bleaching, bio-degradable. Use 1% solution.