Autoclave stainless electric 15l 280x280mm

£2,178.00 (exc VAT) Each

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Compact and fully portable autoclave heated by a single internal element. The temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature controller and a PT100 probe and fitted with an automatic cut-out to prevent it boiling dry. Every autoclave is electrically tested in compliance with BS3456 Part 101 1987. Stainless steel construction with a polished exterior, with removable lid allowing full access. Items to be sterilised can be placed in the inner liner provided with the machine. Alternately, Dressing Drums and Wire Mesh Baskets are available separately. The lid locking device is comprised of six wing nuts and six lid locking lugs. This ensures that the lid cannot be opened while the vessel is under pressure. After the sterilising period, a condensing vacuum is drawn to aid drying. This is particularly useful for dressings and drapes. The operator is not restricted to a set sterilising period, this can be adjusted to suit the application.


·      Minimal Maintenance Required

·      Lid Locking Safety to H&SE PM73

·      Produced under ISO 9001


·      Suitable for Culture Media

Technical specification

Internal Dimensions

280mm diam. X 280mm deep (245mm useable)

Overall Dimensions

370mm diam. X 485mm high

Design Pressure

1.3 bar (18 psi)

H T Pressure

2.0 bar (30 psi)

S W Pressure

1.3 bar (18 psi)

Maximum Working Temperature


Electrical requirements

230V – AC 50Hz – 2.0kW

Net Weight