Vario 3028 autoclave complete

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Vario automatic cycle control                                                    

This is factory fitted to the autoclave and cannot be purchased separately.

Both the ST3028 and ST1258 autoclaves are available fitted with the VARIO time and temperature controller. The VARIO time and temperature control features four preset and one variable cycle. The variable cycle is stored in the permanent memory so that it can be instantly recalled for the next use. The control shows a countdown of sterilisation time and current temperature at all times.

Operation is very simple, the cycle temperature and time are selected by pressing either one of the four preset cycle buttons or the variable cycle button. If the variable cycle is chosen the temperature and time are then set to the values required. The Start button is then pressed and the unit automatically runs through the sterilisation cycle unattended. At the end of sterilisation an audible sound is given to allow the user to drain off the water, if the drying vacuum cycle is required. The unit then cools until it reaches a safe temperature for the contents to be removed, at which point another audible sound is given.

The VARIO 1528 is particularly suitable for destructive sterilisation. The operator is not restricted to a set sterilising period. This can be adjusted to suit the application.


For details of the ST3028 and ST1258 autoclaves, please see the separate listings.


Variable cycle temperature

  • Variable cycle time
  • Four preset cycles
  • Variable cycle stored in permanent memory for instant recall
  • Soft Touch Control Pad
  • Wipe Clean Surface
  • LED System Status Indicators



Technical specification

Preset Cycles

30 minutes @ 121°C


60 minutes @ 115°C


15 minutes @ 121°C


30 minutes @ 115°C

Minimum variable temp.


Maximum variable temp.